More Testimonials


I have completed my 30 day in-patient program with miraculous changes within myself.  My journey has been a long one with four previous stops that all proclaimed to be the place to go when struggling with alcohol or drug dependence issues.  But after whole heartedly trying and failing over and over, I was determined to find something different.

My prayers were answered upon finding Dr. Suka and Rev. David with a program that truly works. By doing simple changes and getting educated on the very root of my problem, I’ve completely changed my health, spirit, and how I view myself, others, and my beautiful future.  An absolute blessing.” R. Daniel McCurry   (Signed testimonial on file.)


“I am writing this to all of us who have given up on the traditional recovery, don’t, there is a new way to get your sanity back!

I was introduced to this [Self-Help] program by my mom; I must admit I was very skeptical about this program. As I had tried everything modern medicine has to offer. A.A., detox programs, medications, etc…

I came into this program expecting the same results I received from everything else that I had tried. Defeat, being ashamed, broken, not worthy, and plenty of guilt!!

I am now only in the third week of this new program. I have never felt so good!! I have been able to stop all medications for depression and anxiety! I have no shame or guilt or feeling alone in this battle!! I don’t even need to attend weekly or daily meetings, and I have absolutely no cravings at all!!!! And I can do all of this from home not being locked up in some treatment facility is amazing!! If I didn’t know better I would say it’s been over 6 months since I drank!! What a great feeling to have!! Without taking this first frightening step I would never be where I am now, please if you’re serious about your recovery consider this option as part of your treatment, you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you Dr. Suka for all your hard work and sticking by me and for making this miracle I have prayed for possible!  Mike Moglin.   (Signed testimonial on file.)


After going through three other rehab programs, one intensive outpatient program and two in-patient programs, my three weeks at ARISE Alcohol Recovery [Residential Program] left me with more tools to succeed than ever before without any guilt trips.  Now I’m moving forward with positive energy.

The ARISE residential program is customized to the individual.  My cravings were minimal and easily dealt with by using the amino acid program.  I recommend this program to anyone who is fed up with traditional forms of recovery.  Dr. Suka has created an innovative program and taught me how to restore my brain chemistry to normal and how to achieve a lasting symptom-free recovery.”  M.A. Bell   (Signed testimonial on file.)


“In my time in the ARISE program, I have experienced a drastic change both in my life and in myself.  Through proper nutrition, dietary supplements, and extended sobriety, I have come to feel more alive, have more energy, and sleep normally, to mention only a few of the many improvements.

I have come to understand and alter many of my behaviors. [I have a] sense of empowerment and responsibility in how my life unfolds.  I have been able to understand and release many negative emotions related to past events.  I am on a path to rebalancing my energy, and manifesting the life that I want for myself.  I am healthier, saner, and sober.  An important achievement is that I have learned to truly love myself, for all that I am.”   Nathan C.   (Signed testimonial on file.)


It’s been a remarkable turn-around to work with Suka Chapel-Horst in her six-week outpatient program…  Using nutrients to heal disrupted brain chemistry combined with the addition of alternative healing therapies such as [meridian] tapping has helped me turn the corner on my difficulties with alcohol.  Suka is an excellent life coach. [She] encouraged me to rethink my directions – most welcome.

It’s a rigorous, but do-able program (and a much better value than traditional ‘rehab’) – be prepared to become healthier and happier, and kick your alcohol dependence, with some focus and effort on your part.  LW, Asheville, NC   (Signed testimonial on file.)


 I’ve been sober through AA for seven years, with several relapses under my belt.  I still deal with depression.  I worry about things that I shouldn’t, and I have some fears that don’t make sense.  Since I started following your guidelines for nutrition and taking nutrients based on your formulas, my depression is much less; I have more energy and just feel better.  The EFT [Emotional Freedom Technique] session you gave me removed the depression, the worry and the fear.  Now I am motivated and energized to get going with some projects I’ve let slide.  I’ve recommended the ARISE program to several people.  Thank you so very much for all of this.”    Donald P.   (Signed testimonial on file.)


“I’ve been a recovering alcoholic in AA for 20 years and I’ve always thought that we should be addressing the nutritional issue.  This is so much needed.  I see so many problems that are caused by poor nutrition… depression, cravings, mood swings.  I know many of my recovering friends are still hypoglycemic.  You should see all the junk they eat and they worry about relapse all the time.   Your program is a Godsend.  I’m thrilled you are providing this wonderful service for alcoholics in the area.  Let me know how I can help you in any way.”  Laura S.   (Signed testimonial on file.)


“I’ve been through alcohol treatment several times.  The food they serve, all the caffeine, whites and sugars, goes against everything I know about maintaining good health.  Using addictive medications to replace alcohol makes no sense at all.  They use medications to detox and then more medications for all the symptoms people have.  It’s just nuts!  The ARISE program has got it right.  I’m so glad you’re here. I’m telling everyone who needs treatment about your program.”   Dave M.   (Signed testimonial on file.)


“Where have you been?  I’ve never heard of a treatment program like this before.  Wow!  This is it.  I’ve always thought we should be addressing body chemistry but no one even talks about it and now, here you are.  This is just common sense to do this before going into therapy or AA.  This is truly a gift for all those alcoholics who will recover because of your program.  Thank you for bringing this program to our area.”   Sharon D.   (Signed testimonial on file.)


Umbrellas“Well, it’s about time.  The alcohol recidivism rate should wake people up that something isn’t working.  I’m a recovering alcoholic and a nurse.  I worked in a detox unit where benzodiazepines were given for detoxifying and as many as 14 other medications were being given to patients for emotional and physical symptoms.  The patients weren’t being detoxed; they were simply given legal drugs in exchange for illegal drugs and alcohol.   That isn’t recovery, it’s a crime.  Patients received no education on healthy nutrition or how to regain and maintain physical and emotional health. The only good thing that happened during their detox was when AA members came in to talk with the patients.  I saw these same patients come back again and again for detoxing.  No one ever considered that the treatment program might be at fault.  The staff simply though the patient was to blame for relapsing again.  I had to quit my job because it went against my ethics to continue to work there.”  Pat N.  RN   (Signed testimonial on file.)