HOTT SYMBOLHolistic Triphasic Therapy (HOTT) can lead to relief of symptoms and the effects of multiple emotional and physical disorders, including depression, PTSD, and addictions.

Developed by Dr. Suka Chapel-Horst and Rev. David Chapel Horst, this alternative, holistic therapeutic method consists of three interrelated phases.  Phase One focuses on normalizing the physical body biochemistry through healthy nutrition and specified micronutrients.  Phase Two uncovers and resolves the underlying conscious and unconscious sources of dis-ease and illnesses. Phase Three consists of diagnostic support and follow-up sessions.

Phase One:  Diagnostic testing for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and alcohol abuse followed by biochemical re-balancing of brain and body chemistry through nutritional therapy using a combination of healthy nutrition, micronutrients, and amino acid therapy.  This phase includes both nutritional evaluations and education.

vegetables Subjects addressed through written assessment include carbohydrate addiction, hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, allergies, Candida, alcohol addiction, pyroluria, and methylation levels. A subjective, written assessment is made to determine deficiencies in four major neurotransmitters.  Suggested resources are provided for therapeutic followup.

Nutritional therapy includes education on the basics of healthy nutrition and how to rebuild deficient neurotransmitter levels with amino acid replacement therapy.

Available educational resources include books, DVD presentations, and a Wellness Workbook for Phase One.

a memoryPhase Two: Integrative Memory Therapy® (IMT) to uncover unconscious, unresolved trauma which can relieve or eliminate the effects of self-sabotaging emotional, behavioral, and physical disorders. IMT is a non-hypnotic, depth therapy approach involving regression, psychodrama, Gestalt, and other modalities. Length of therapy is usually twenty to thirty hours.


hands plantPhase Three:
 Diagnostic Follow-up and Support sessions to assist in maintaining one’s optimal health and wellness program.