PTSD and addictions are the result of unresolved issues from our past. That “past” can be yesterday, or years ago. The unresolved issues may have occurred during our formative years or in the womb.

Our unconscious mind is like a tape recorder. It records every thought and word, every image, every event, without discrimination. Sometimes, when we’re in shock, or are so overwhelmed that our conscious mind shuts down for awhile, or when we’re just a tiny fetus in mother’s womb, there is no conscious mind to make sense of what’s happening around us.

Yes, we recorded the feelings, thoughts, and words mother experienced during the time we were in her womb. We simply recorded it and it became our history and our truth because we didn’t yet have a conscious mind to discriminate. These recorded memories form the belief system that determines our reactions and behaviors throughout our life, even if the beliefs are harmful to our well-being.

The unconscious mind may also contain past life, or metaphorical, stories that are seeking resolution as well. These memories may consist of unresolved traumas that will create unhealthy behaviors, emotional reactions, and survival patterns until they are resolved.

These patterns may also show up as cancer, arthritis, anorexia, addictions, depression, PTSD, or AD(H)D. In fact, every illness and disorder is the result of unresolved trauma stories buried in our unconscious, regardless of how they got there.

Healing transformation can occur when these trauma-stories are resolved. Integrative Memory Therapy® gets to the originating source of present day issues, allowing for healing and transformation. Unlike other medical and alternative modalities, this process resolves the root of the problem.

Healing in the present takes place because the underlying cause is no longer present. Integrative Memory Therapy® uses a non-hypnotic regression therapy approach to unleash the healing power of the unconscious mind. The therapist gently guides clients to completely resolve their own source trauma. The result is transformation of one’s present life.

In compliance with federal law Integrative Memory Therapy® does not claim to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure diseases. Integrative Memory Therapy® encourages emotional resolution of current problems at their unconscious sources; this may include past lives, prenatal-birth (rebirthing) experiences, present-life traumas, surgeries, etc. Integrative Memory Therapy® provides a uniquely thorough form for enabling clients to overcome health, personal and career challenges. A belief in reincarnation, karma or spirituality is not necessary for this therapeutic process to be effective.

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Morris Netherton PhD Suka Chapel-Horst PhD Norman Shealy MD, PhD
Morris Netherton PhD
Suka Chapel-Horst PhD
Norman Shealy MD, PhD
“Dr. Suka” is certified in the Netherton Method of Past Life Therapy by Dr. Morris Netherton, PhD. She received her training at Holos Institute of Health in Fair Grove, MO, founded and directed by Dr. Norman Shealy.