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“Unfinished Dramas of the Soul” – Roger Woolger, Ph.D.


6/19/2016  Hello Dr. Suka, The work we did together has helped me in a way that no other treatment ever did! I am a new woman!!!! I thank God every day for allowing me to find you and for giving you such a wonderful gift to help me and others who have needed it so much. I have talked about you and recommended you and your services to everybody who wants to listen. I have even distributed your cards and hope that my recommendations bear fruit. I have also been thinking of training with you, and will contact you with more questions on that in the near future. Warmest regards, Adriana Adarve (Name given with permission)


4/26/2016  I had five sessions with Dr. Suka, 2 hours each.  All the sessions were done within one week, and I’ve noticed significant physical, emotional and mental differences since the sessions.  This work is efficient and effective, and I’m deeply appreciative of my changes, which seem almost miraculous, even in retrospect.

The first immediate result was an increase in energy.  How nice is that!  I had been feeling as if I was dragging and had to take afternoon naps to get through the day.  I couldn’t walk up a hill without thinking that it was way too much work!  My energy increased noticeably after my first session.  After session five, I went for a long and hilly walking tour of a local attraction and I noticed I’ve got my spunk back, and a spring in my step.

I’m used to public speaking and singing, but have always dreaded it, sometimes mildly, and sometimes extremely, but pushed through and did it anyway.  While speaking, I felt nervous and I didn’t relate to the audience the way I really wanted to, especially in impromptu situations.  After the final session with Dr. Suka, I was called at 7 am on a Sunday morning to facilitate my church service because four main staff people, including the minister, were sick.  I was asked to come up with and lead the opening prayer, find an inspirational reading and read it, introduce the speaker, ask for the offering, make announcements, and create a seamless service.  Much to my surprise and delight, I felt excited about doing it, and said yes immediately.  While preparing, I felt calm and when I spoke that morning, I saw and felt my audience in a way that made me feel close to them.  People stopped me after church to thank me for stepping up and said how wonderful the service felt to them.  Several others wrote to the minister and told her that I had done a great job.

I used to have an irrational, almost violent reaction to someone putting a hand over my mouth.  That is gone.

I have had intense pain from plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the thick band of tissue that connects the heel to the toes) in the bottom of my right foot for four months.  I noticed improvement after the second session with Dr. Suka  – it is healing!  I am back to wearing sandals, and I can walk barefoot again.

I also feel a change in how I view myself and others.  I have more faith in myself, which feels good and right in my heart.  I feel more compassionate, patient and understanding in the presence of difficult people.  I feel unburdened, as if a giant weight was lifted from my psyche and my shoulders.  I feel spacious inside, and my mind is less busy.  It’s easier to meditate, and to feel peaceful and quiet when nothing is going on — when walking in nature, or looking out at this beautiful world.  It feels as if I have cleaned my inner house, and now there is room to create new ways of being going forward.  I’m not stuck in a repeating loop.  I no longer feel secretly apologetic, I feel sure and steady.  I notice I speak my truth more often, and from a centered place, which feels wonderful.  I feel hopeful and positive about my future.  (Signed testimonial on file.)


6/2015  The program you have introduced, Integrative Memory Therapy®, is a very important part of the healing process.  …Thank you for bringing this important healing modality to …us.  (Signed testimonial on file.)


6/2015 Thank you so much for working with [Bonnie] this weekend. It was a rare opportunity and I’m so appreciative that you made yourself available. This is amazing work with an amazing teacher and I know, like me, you truly love bringing light and love to others. (Signed testimonial on file)


4/25/15 After having undergone your treatment of Integrative Memory Therapy® I can only say that the benefits achieved were outstanding and each situation has improved radically. Family situations changed noticeably and my financial problems improved enormously. Not only that, but it appears that my thinking pattern changed for the better as well, from the once very stressful situation I was experiencing to a decidedly clearer overall picture. This shift has changed my view of the entire matter into a more positive and manageable light. Thank you, Dr. Suka, for this therapy which I would most definitely recommend to all and anyone who needs to change their life pattern as it is very effective, and provides outstanding results. (Signed testimonial on file)


4/20/2015  After a few weeks [on the alcohol recovery program] … Dr. Suka and I began Integrative Memory Therapy®. We had about 14 sessions of memory therapy. With each session I received healing to the brokenness within. Little by little I was able to gain control of myself and my issues. My PTSD, anxiety, depression, and the feeling of need to drink left me. Life has turned brand new for me. I experience each day with much gratitude and love. My life, family, and marriage are the healthiest it has ever been.  (Signed testimonial on file)