OLD PHONEEighteen million Americans are suffering because of the mythology and dark-age misinformation that is still surrounding alcohol addiction. Misinformed attitudes have caused sufferers of this disease, like outcasts, to hide their drinking, deny their symptoms, and avoid seeking help.

Erroneous beliefs still consider alcoholism to be a weakness of will, a character defect, and a moral shortcoming and traditional recovery models have, at best, only a 5%-18% recovery rate.

You can forget most of what you’ve learned in the past about alcoholism. It no longer applies to recovery. Based on advanced neuroscience research, up to 85% recovery rates are being achieved, using biochemical treatment methods. Medical science now agrees that alcoholism is the result of brain chemistry deficiencies and thirty five years of successful treatment using a biochemical approach to recovery is proving it to be true.


No shame. No blame. No guilt. Learn about the real cause of alcoholism. It’s not a mental illness; it’s not a character defect; it’s not a moral shortcoming. Alcoholism is due to brain chemistry imbalances that are treatable and reversible. The integrated and holistic ARISE Alcohol Recovery Program is one of several alternative treatment programs that are getting consistently high, symptom-free, recovery rates.

Now, highly functioning, motivated individuals with drinking problems can reverse this disorder, in a residential setting or in private, while remaining at home, continuing their normal activities, and do it at a low, affordable cost.


Long Term Recovery Rates as High as 85%

Alcoholism is caused by an inherited, genetic deficiency in brain chemistry. It is not a personality or mental disorder. If a person with this deficiency begins drinking, a dependency on alcohol develops in the primitive, survival-oriented, part of the brain that is completely out of conscious control.

Alcoholism is usually a primary disease that is not caused by something else. It’s not caused by depression or a mental disorder. It’s not caused by ADD or ADHD. It’s not caused by poor parenting or a poor environment. It’s not caused bbrain web 1y divorce, financial problems, job loss, social pressure or any outside factor. No one can become an alcoholic as a result of any of these conditions alone. Life circumstances or childhood traumas can severely affect one’s life, but they cannot directly cause alcoholism. There are, however, factors that can cause alcoholism as an acquired disease. These factors include malnutrition, toxins, hormonal changes, and allergies. High stress levels combined with drug abuse can create changes in brain chemistry that may lead to alcohol addiction or other drug dependencies.

Due to advanced neuroscience research, the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) has RECLASSIFIED ADDICTIONS AS BRAIN DISORDERS. This moves the traditional definition from one based on behavior and process to one based on brain function.

“Addictions are the result of dysfunctional brain chemistry that can be successfully treated and reversed without the added and inappropriate trauma of shame-based philosophies,” states Dr. Suka Chapel-Horst, Director of ARISE Alcohol Recovery.

“Addictions are not a result of bad behavior; they are a craving that comes directly from an imbalanced brain that is seeking the substance or action to balance itself out.” Lee Gerdes, founder and CEO of Brain State Technologies.

“The behavioral problem is a result of brain dysfunction,” according to Dr. Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA).

What all this means is that alcoholism is a treatable and reversible disorder. When symptoms of alcoholism develop, it should be normal to seek early intervention, get proper treatment, and avoid relapse. No shame, no blame and no guilt.

Fortunately, there is a successful recovery method that has a thirty five year history of getting up to 85% long term recovery rates. This method of recovery is successful because it treats the CAUSE of alcoholism and REVERSES the disorder. This is the NEW alcoholism story that everyone needs to know.



You can get the facts and get the help you want now
by watching the DVD The Real Cause and Solution for Alcohol Addiction, and by reading the book How to Quit Drinking for Good and Feel Good, by “Dr. Suka” Chapel-Horst, PhD, RN, QMHP.

When you watch the DVD and read the WORKBOOK, you’ll be informed, relieved, excited and hopeful. Alcoholism doesn’t have to be the devastating disease it was once thought to be. Individuals with an alcohol addiction can hold their heads high, stop hiding and recover without additional trauma.



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