RECOVERY Testimonial

ROSES GIFT4/2015  My name is Melinda and this is my story [name changed for privacy].  I once suffered from alcohol, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.  I suffered tremendously, especially with alcoholism.

Throughout most of my 20’s I was in and out of AA.  By the age of 31 I went to a treatment (rehab) center.  It was a really hard experience for me.  I had 3 little girls whom I had to leave with their Dad.  I had no family nearby, and almost no support.  My anxiety was completely out of control, and their tough love methods made it worse.  The staff at the treatment center didn’t help or comfort me at all.  Needless to say, I left treatment early.  I went straight to AA, but it only worked for a few weeks.

I never felt a sense of being okay, or having a peace within myself.  I went to AA meetings every day.  And every day I publically introduced myself as the alcoholic.  Not too good for someone who had anxiety and panic disorder.  It didn’t take long for me to run for a drink.  I drank myself into the mental ward twice after my stay at rehab.  I lived all my life either fighting my disease or giving in to it.  I never had a feeling of well being or peace within.

My health and sanity disintegrated.  My alcoholism was slowly killing me.  Chaos filled my home, and my marriage fell to pieces.  My children began to show signs of anxiety, fear, and worry.

By fall of 2014 I sank into a dark depressing place of sickness in my life.  I was at my very lowest point.   I drank to keep myself from shaking. I was drinking 15 – 20 beers a night.  I was also overdosed on anti-depressants.  My life as I knew it was over.

January 2015 is when I met Dr. Suka.  She began working with me right away.  The very first thing I had to do was detox for 5 days in the hospital.  Once I detoxed the work was able to begin.  We began by restoring my brain chemistry with amino acids formulas and other micronutrients.  I had to get used to eating a healthy diet and working out again.  I had to restore my body back to health in every way.  I weighed almost 200 pounds and I suffered from high blood pressure. My drinking took its toll on my health and my brain function. [As of three months on the program I lost 36 pounds and my blood pressure is normal.]

The first month of life seemed surreal.  I had to learn how to live again.  I had to get used to full productive days again.  It felt wonderful to have quality to my life again.

Then after a few weeks when I was ready, Dr. Suka and I began Integrative Memory Therapy®.  We had about 14 sessions of memory therapy.  With each session I received healing to the brokenness within.  Little by little I was able to gain control of myself and my issues.  My anxiety, depression, and the feeling of need to drink left me.  Life has turned brand new for me.  I experience each day with much gratitude and love.  My life, family, and marriage are the healthiest it has ever been.

Also, just recently I experienced some of life’s tough storms too.  You know that saying “when it rains, it pours”.  Well, that’s what it seemed like.  For two weeks straight everything that could go wrong did.  It was one thing after another.  And still I managed my situations well.  I didn’t feel the need to run for a drink, nor did I have any cravings.  I was able to get through life on life’s terms.  But I had to make sure to take care of myself.  That meant taking my nutrients as scheduled, exercising, having sauna time, and eating healthy.

As long as I follow Dr. Suka’s program, I know I will continue to be healed from my disease.  And as of today I have 3 whole months of no alcohol.  I never thought this could or would happen for me.

I am so thankful for Dr. Suka.  Our time and work together truly saved my life.  I have what feels like a solid brick of hard knowing in my core that I can never drink again. I feel confident and strong within myself.  I will know what I have to do from here on out to take good care of myself.  Thank you, Dr. Suka.  You will always have a special place in my heart.

(As of May, 2016, 16 months from entering the program, Melinda remains in recovery.)