Suka Method for Alcohol Recovery and Transformation

RECOVERY ROCK BUTTERFLYThis is the most comprehensive and transformative alcohol addiction recovery program available anywhere because it’s the only program that addresses the two underlying sources of addiction.

Alcohol addiction is the result of 1) Biochemical imbalances in the present body and 2) unresolved source trauma. Recovery and transformation occur when both of these sources are resolved. This intensely transforming program is designed specifically for highly motivated individuals who are determined to end their addictive disorder and are willing to commit to following through with the requirements of this program.

How does the S.M.A.R.T. program work?

INTAKE – One to Two Hours

Clients have an intake session over the telephone with Dr. Suka to determine the appropriateness of this program for the individual client and to assess the client’s motivation, determination, attitude and ability for the successful completion of all parts of this intensely transforming program.

PART ONE – Biochemical Rebalancing, 30 Days Minimum

Clients work with Dr. Suka by telephone to address their biochemical imbalances with healthy nutrition and specifically designed micronutrient formulas. They eat three healthy meals a day plus snacks. Junk food, fast food, sugars, sweets, colas and coffee are discontinued. They take their micronutrients regularly nine times during the day to begin rebalancing their brain chemistry.

Clients exercise daily. Other suggestions include daily infra-red dry heat saunas, massage, and any other helpful alternative therapies the client may choose.

Clients must be off all mind and mood altering substances including antidepressants, benzodiazepines, opiates, alcohol, and all illegal drugs, for the entire 30 days prior to Part Two.

PART TWOIntegrative Memory Therapy®

After a minimum of thirty days on the program, the client will have approximately ten or more two-hour sessions in person with Dr. Suka. This program is scheduled in advance at the beginning of Part One. Integrative Memory Therapy® gets to the source trauma underlying the addiction. Resolve the source and the drive to drink is gone. This is the deepest and most permanent recovery solution.

PART THREE – Maintenance

Clients continue their healthy nutritional program. The ongoing use of micronutrients will decrease and stabilize as their brain chemistry normalizes and their life-transformation progresses. Exercise, good sleep, healthy life patterns and fulfilling relationships increase and develop.

What is the cost of the SMART program?

  • Four to six consultation hours with Dr. Suka during the first 30 days
  • Additional telephone support
  • Micronutrients for the first 30 days
  • Ten two-hour Integrative Memory Therapy® sessions in person (Additional sessions, if needed, are extra.)
  • The self-help book How to Quit Drinking for Good and Feel Good and the book/DVD The Real Cause and Solution for Alcohol Recovery.

Total SMART package is approximately: $3,400 (plus travel and accommodation costs if applicable)

Compare to a $23,000 per month inpatient program that doesn’t address either of the two sources of addiction.

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