Natural relief from moods, depression, addictions, anxiety, insomnia, panic, allergies, candida, hypoglycemia, excess weightMost allopathic physicians fail to provide adequate testing to find the underlying biochemical cause of many physical, emotional, and mental disorders.

For real recovery, versus symptomatic relief, simple tests are available to check for neurotransmitter levels, cortosol levels, nurtient levels, pyroluria, histimine, toxic metals, and many more.  If these biochemical imbalances are not addressed, people may be suffereing needlessly.  With these test results, real healing can become a reality.  Testing costs are minimal compared to the cost of suffering, impaired quality of life, cost and side effects of medications.  (Insurance covers some of these tests.)

It is medical malpractice to treat symptoms without seeking out and repairing underlying biochemical imbalances.  In all of our programs at Brainworks and ARISE, clients have the opportunity to discover and remove the underlying cause of their disease and regain the healty life they deserve.

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