?????????????????????????Food supplements listed in all of our books can be purchased through Anova Health, also providing WHOLE FOOD supplements. Call 864-408-8320 to order. (To get a discount you must order by telephone, not on-line.)

Simply give them our CODE.  Your order will be shipped the same day, no delays.  You will automatically receive a 5% discount and free shipping, saving you the extra cost of buying supplements of the very best quality.

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FRUITS VEGAll supplements are of the highest quality available and are suitable for vegetarians.  They are free of wheat gluten, soy, milk/dairy, corn, sodium, sugar, starch, artificial coloring, preservatives, and flavoring.

I highly recommend the following available through Anova Health:

Amino Acids: All of the amino acids that are listed in my two “how-to” manuals and other books can be ordered through Anova Health.  Of course, they can be purchased in many other places, but for the highest quality and purest products, I recommend Anova Health.  You may pay a little more, but you will use less and get better results with high quality products.

High Potency Hemp Oil with Cannabidiol (CBD): Legal everywhere and has no measurable THC or psycho-active effects. Cannabidiol relieves or cures over 100 symptoms and disorders. Comes as oil and capsules. An excellent balm is also available for topical use. To learn more about the advantages of hemp oil with Cannabidiol versus marijuana with TCH for medicinal support, order the book/DVD combination Cannabinoids – The Hundredth Monkey Cure available on our web site. This product, combined with vitamin D3, may be the closest there is to “magic medicine”. Recommended for drug and alcohol detoxing and recovery, as well.

AvinoCort for managing elevated Cortisol levels.  I am slow to wake up and like to linger in bed in the morning but as the day goes on, I get more and more revved up, with racing thoughts, and “too much” energy.  Avinocort  lowers my cortisol level reducing feelings of being overwhelmed.  I’m able to relax in the evening much more because of my lowered cortisol level.  Lowering one’s cortisol level slows down the aging process and helps to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Why use this product?  This is a very advanced, stem cell product.  Ask the folks at Anova Health for more information if you like.  I recommend this product for reducing the effects of chronic stress.

CaliQuil – California Poppy 500 mg Capsules – Restores Rest. Prevails over Pain.  Traditional analgesic and sleep aid. This amazing product really works.  Take it before bedtime and see the results. (Does not produce opium, physical dependence, or addiction.)

Acute Pain Relief, a KingBio homeopathic cream, gives David excellent relief from joint pain.  It’s the fastest and best he’s found for quick and long-lasting relief.

Inositol Powder is a normal vitamin B.  It is a precurser to GABA, the brain’s natural Valium.  If you have anxiety, worries, even panic attacks, your inositol level is probably too low.  Taking 1000 mg up to four times daily can improve relaxation and reduce anxiety.

Call 864-408-8320 to order these and other products from Anova Health.

Use the code  drsuka5  to order.